California Projects

Below is a listing of our projects located in California.

Name City Project Type Description of Use Type of Brick
American AG Temecula, CA Parking lot Credit Union Type 1
Catalina Heights Camarillo, CA Privatized Military Housing IV
Commercial Building Torrance, CA Parking lot Commercial Type 1
Indiana Medical Office Riverside, CA Parking lot Medical IV
Mossy Nissan Dealership San Diego, CA Parking lot Auto Dealership Type 1
NavSpecWar Parking Lot Building 615 NAB Coronado, CA Parking lot Government Type 1
NCTD Sprinter Station Retrofit Escondido, Vista & Oceanside, CA Public Type 1
Palomar College Building S San Marcos, CA Parking Lot College Type 1
Rancho Jurupa Splas Park Riverside, CA Picnic area Park Type 1
Rosecrans Mixed Use Project San Diego, CA Parking lot Retail Type 1
San Gabriel Ave Elementary School South Gate, CA Parking lot School Type 1

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